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The Happy Schools Project

Welcome! This is the web/blogsite of the Happy Schools Project.

This Project is part of the Happy City Initiative and is based in Bristol UK.


Happy Schools Project

Happy Schools Project aims to support the work of schools across the city to enable a positive, solutions focussed, collaborative and enabling mindset to be spread between pupils, teachers and parents.

The Happy Schools framework focuses on:

  • Relationships – how to develop enabling, encouraging and nurturing relationships throughout the school – between pupils, teachers, parents and staff.
  • The positive power of difference – how to make diversity the key to a happier environment for all, and enable individual differences to become the lifeblood of collective strength
  • Positive Learning – embedding a solutions focussed mindset that allows what works to thrive, solutions to multiply and creativity to blossom. Creating places where strengths are uncovered, celebrated, valued and built upon.
  • ‘Can do’ and ‘We not me’ thinking to be the norm – helping create a school community where each person belongs, all contributions are valued and everyone knows they can make a difference
  • The Roots and Shoots of Happiness – tips, activities and community habits that drip feed happiness generating actions in small simple ways throughout the school day

This is currently a pilot programme, with a view to city-wide and UK rollout out in 2012-15. The Happy City Team, has over 15 years experience of delivering such impactful work across the world with everyone from International Leaders, to community workers, youth leaders, schools, businesses and public bodies. They have worked with children and young people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and have a proven track-record of success with individuals and groups in every sector.
We received funding from The Network for Social Change to run this pilot in Bristol from Feb-March 2012. We are currently seeking further funding to allow Happy Schools Initiative  to enable the city-wide roll out.

The Happy Schools team is currently developing it’s programmes and resources through the delivery of this Pilot in two Bristol primary schools.

Upon completion of these Pilots we will begin to roll out the programme to other primary and secondary schools across Bristol.

We are fundraising for core and project funds to support this and to enable the Happy Schools Project to become both an affordable and sustainable project.

On this web/blogsite you can find out about the  Project, what we’re about, what we offer and how you can be involved as a participating school.

By browsing through the Archives and Categories on the right hand side you can discover the people, organisations, latest articles, reports, resources and books supporting a shift  towards a more happiness-based pedagogy – in all it’s dimensions.

I hope you enjoy it!


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