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The Happy Schools project begins!

This week me and the three other wonderful members of  the Happy Schools team delivered the first session of our brand new, wet behind the ears, 6 week programme. Hooray!!

It feels like a wonderful relief, and a point of momentous excitement at the same time, to start delivering the material we’ve been working on for the last few months.

We’ve drawn material from many fields and many experiences and distilled it into a diverse yet potent sequence of 6 hour-long sessions for delivery in a classroom setting.

Two amazing, open-minded and open-hearted Bristol primary schools have invited us to pilot the programme with their year 4 classes.

This week we have been exploring how we have the power to choose how we hold ourselves and our emotions, how our bodies and our emotions are strongly connected and how we can and do influence the people around us all the time by the feelings, thoughts and expressions we put out into the world.

Heavy stuff you might say! Yes indeed and beautifully simple too. Using well crafted tools and activities which take the class on a journey using different learning styles, these messages resonate strongly through the young people, and consequently their engagement has been amazing.

I’ll be keeping a blog of our week by week adventure. Do follow us!


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