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Happiness: getting our priorities right | Positive News

Happiness: getting our priorities right | Positive News.


The Happy Schools Pilot is almost complete!

Between 21st Feb and 29th March 2012 we have delivered the first ever Happy Schools Programme.

This was a pilot and we are hugely grateful to the year 4 teachers and children at Glenfrome Primary and Hannah Moore Primary for taking part in it.


We have learnt many lessons each week which have helped us to refine not only the programme content but how we deliver the material as a team, what the young people respond to and how they respond to it and the role of the school and teaching staff in supporting the children through the programme and taking on the learning as a whole school.

We are currently in the Easter break which is giving us a chance to take a breath and evaluate the programme week by week, to look at it’s brilliant points and it’s challenges.

It has certainly been an amazing and eye-opening six weeks and the young people we’ve worked with have been engaging and insightful.


To be continued…

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