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Our programmes

Here you can look at the Happiness programmes we’re currently piloting for pupils, parents and teachers.

Research and much experience has shown (and common sense agrees) that when you work simultaneously with pupils, parents and teachers simultaneously within a school community, the effects, both subtle and dramatic, are hugely amplified, both in the individuals participating and in the deeper school culture too.

This is why we offer ourselves to all three groups of the school community, as part of a package  we work out with you, to deliver over a timescale that fits with your pressures and priorities.

Many schools are starting to develop strategic visions and values which incorporate mental and emotional well being into them; joy, enjoyment, wonder, aspiration, courage, fairness and so on. Things which mark a shift of focus away from academic attainment alone and onto the educational experience of the whole person. This is to be welcomed.

Both at primary and secondary level in the UK and abroad, where standards, targets and tests have overwhelmed the educational experience, psychological unease, stress and even depression have risen among children.

This is a very challenging time for education professionals who often find their intrinsic concern for the mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing of  the young people in their care is afforded inadequate value, time or resources.

It is now well evidenced (and again common sense agrees) that when, within an educational setting, you care for the whole person, their experience of learning and their relationship to their own growth and well being is vastly improved and pupils who are supported in this way, more often than not get better results in their school work, which means not only their grades but their own fulfilment, satisfaction and motivation.

Please look at these pages to find out more about how we can work with you.


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