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For Parents, Carers, Family and Neighbours


The Happiness Habits Programme

The skills, habits and actions for a happier, more fulfilling life can be learned.  This 10 week programme offers people the chance to learn how to develop lasting happiness and resilience in their own lives, and in turn, their families, friends, workplaces and communities.  It supports learning across a range of themes, from self-awareness and empowerment, to relationship building, community action and life-long learning & growth.   It makes the tools and habits of a flourishing life, easily accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and dreams.

The Happiness Habit Programme is a 10 week learning course, based on the best of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, solutions focus, sustainable leadership and participatory development, and translates these into simple changes people can make that have a profound and lasting impact on their lives.  We will be offering this course to parents, grandparents, carers, and neighbours and staff within the school community. Session times will be agreed with each school.

Please get in touch of you’d like your child’s school to run the 10 week Happiness Habits programme. 

Week by week themes:

1.             The roots & shoots of Happiness – introduction to growing happiness

2.             Building on what works – finding and growing success around you

3.             ME Fm – how to re-tune your internal soundtrack so you can shine

4.             Changing Lens – – how to view problems more constructively

5.             Language & Happiness – change your questions to change your world

6.             Small changes, big impacts – small ways to make big shifts

7.             The Happiness Web – using our interdependence to boost happiness for all

8.             Difference as the Happiness Dynamo – using diversity as a strength

9.             Learning to learn together – growing strengths & multiplying success

10.          Getting the Happiness Habit – everyday actions to build resilience


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