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For School Staff and Education Professionals

If you are a head teacher, member of staff with responsibilities for staff wellbeing or another kind of education professional this is what we can offer you and your colleagues:

  • Training sessions with Teachers and staff in all aspects of Happy Schools skills, tools and activities, equipping them to work with students across the school day by integrating Happiness skills into normal school routines.
  • A series of sessions with teachers and school management to help integrate positive messaging, collaborative thinking, and solutions focussed activity across the curriculum and school systems & environment
  • A full Happy City Schools Programme, tailor-made with the school team themselves, involving aspects of all the above, and working towards an end of year Happiness Day, Happiness Awards and full Happy Schools status being awarded.

All Happy City sessions are fun, playful, interactive and adaptable. They result in a strengthened sense of real ‘community’ within and around the school. Places where each member (pupil, staff, teachers, parents) recognises that their actions, words and decisions impact on others, and where each person chooses to make sure that impact is positive because of their shared sense of belonging, of value and of pride in that community.

  • The Happy City Initiative runs The Happiness Challenge which is a unique and exciting for people with leadership responsibilities and strengths from any public,  private or voluntary organisations. Please click here to find out more about the Happiness Challenge on the Happy City Initiative Website.

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